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LG Hitachi Ltd.

  • Optimized systems for local customer needs are developed on the basis of the advanced IT technic skills and by cooperation with Hitachi Japan.
  • SW development base and cooperating with domestic business through the offshore development, especially in the South Korea / Southeast Asia

Business Field

Business Field
Finance Social Others
Banking, Insurance, Stock Railways, Telecommunications, Electricity / Gas Public, Manufacturing, Logistics

With more than 30 years of experiences in overseas project, we provide reliable services to our Customers though expertise management.

Key Achievements

  • Railway Operation Management System
  • Tram/Bus Reservation and Ticketing System
  • Stock Exchange System, Securities Trading System
  • Main bank information system / Accounting system / Comprehensive Audit Information System
  • Insurance Company / Sales System
  • Internet Trading System
  • Enterprise System, Billing System for Electricity and Gas
  • Customers, Rates, Base station Management System for Telecommunications Companies
  • Sales Manufacturing Portal System
  • Public Local Government System
  • Migration - Banks, Railways, Manufacturing Industry

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